everything has beauty – but not everyone can see it

there´s not much too say about me, simply have a look at what I see !

taking pictures has always been fascinating me since youth.

Since 2005 I shoot digital, starting with the tiny Canon Ixus and finally ended up right now using the Canon 6D and two lenses so far, plus some quallity Filters and a Tripod.

As you will see, I find my peace in landscapes – always looking for that special light and moment, spending lot´s of time outdoor in my home in the west of germany and on journeys to other places, that are mostly new to me and my eye.

I also have a passion about working with people, always natural looking and mostly outdoor and with available light.

have fun and leave me a note or comment if you like something very much!

Birgit Fischer

you can also find me here: https://www.facebook.com/dielichtbildnerin